Worthington MRO Center

AIM High. Inspire Confidence. Deliver Results.

It’s what we call “The Worthington Way.” This formula has driven Worthington Aviation as a company for over 20 years, and continues to fuel our focus today.

Worthington Aviation is a global leader in parts support and services for regional and business aircraft. Our specialty product lines include rotables, engines, avionics, landing gear and expendables. We offer a wide array of programs and services to maintain fleet operations, and more. A few basic but essential principles guide everything we do.

Aim High, Inspire Confidence, and Deliver Results.

This is the formula that fuels our customer focus - It's what we call "The Worthington Way."

Parts sales and support programs

Wothington Aviation is your strategic resource that can help you strengthen your competitive advantage and help you reach your business goals. We have one of the world’s most extensive parts inventories for regional and business jet segments. In addition, we offer proactive support solutions that drive on-time perfomance and service level improvements.

  • Regional parts and inventory solutions

    • Parts sales
    • Customized parts program (CPP)
    • Repair management
    • Engine sales and leasing
  • Westwind & Gulfstream fleet support

    • Parts sales and repair programs
    • Technical Support
    • Technical publication subscriptions
    • OEM and PMA parts in stock

News and Events

View the latest news and keep up to date on upcoming events where you can find Worthington Aviation representatives!

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