Worthington MRO Center

We're Raising The Ceiling On Customer Service

Today's market puts extreme demands on regional aircraft operators. Our team specializes in assisting carriers in meeting their business goals with top-level customers service and customized parts and support programs.

Worthington holds an incredible aircraft parts inventory for a range of regional turboprop and regional jet aircraft, including Saab 340, Dash 8, ATR 42/72, and CRJ 200/700/900, EJet 170/175, and EJet 190/195 and many more. We also offer a wide range of engine sales and leasing options for CF34-Series and CT7- Series engines, as well as PW100 series, ATR, Dash 8, Q400, Fokker 50, EMB120, DO328, and PW545, Citation XL engines.

We have a longstanding reputation as a top provider for regional parts and inventory support, and our team’s knowledge and expertise is unsurpassed in the industry.

Our programs and services include

  • Parts sales and exchanges
  • Consignment programs
  • Repair management
  • Customized Parts Program (CPP)
  • Engine sales and leasing
  • AOG Service

Regional aircraft we support

Regional Turboprop

  • SAAB 340
  • Dash 8 100 / 200 / 300
  • Dash 8 Q400
  • Metroliner / Merlin
  • ATR 42/72
  • EMB 120
  • Beech 1900

Regional Jet

  • CRJ 200 / 700 / 900
  • EJet 170 / 175
  • EJet 190 / 195

    Our consignment service is focused on providing the greatest value to our consignors. We believe selling your inventory is only part of the service support solution. We work closely with end user customers and extensive repair network to deliver committed results. With our state-of-the-art inventory management system, we can track, report and manages all aspects of the consignment process and gives you real-time Online visibility. There are a lot of promises in the consignment arena but the promises that count ore the ones that are kept.


    Our customized support options, known as CPP, deliver operational confidence knowing you have the right part when and where you need it without the large upfront investment in inventory. Our programs also leverage our significant repair volume to provide you the favorable operational economics of a larger fleet. Your program will be tailored to meet your operating and financial requirements, for more information please contact any of our global offices today to speak with a program specialist.


    As part of Customized Parts Program (CPP), Worthington Aviation offers our Repair Management Services. This program is designed for customers who prefer to own their own inventory and trust Worthington Aviation to provide complete repair management of these items. Our ability to keep parts moving through the repair process fast and cost efficient is critical to meeting our customers expectations. With our transparent pricing structures you will always be assured competitive rates.

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